21 August 2010

This Looks Familiar, Too!

Continuing in the tradition of my last post (link), here is another new shirt currently being sold at Walt Disney World. It looks very similar to the design of a shirt I own from the 1980s. However, claiming that this shirt is trying to replicate the overall look and feel of an older product is a bit of a stretch considering it uses such an iconic image. Still, it looks too much like something I own to go unnoticed by yours truly.

This is the shirt I own. It is from the 1980s and is as brilliant and appealing as it was back then. A few noticeable differences are the newer shirt is already designed to look old, the material is see-through and the colors are faded. Also, the newer shirt is made for girls, while mine--though probably made for men at the time-- could pass as a unisex.

Similar to the "new vintage" WDW t-shirt from last post, these Mickey Mouse shirts are sold in different colors. While they may not have the zest of my yellow shirt, I do think it's a good idea to appeal to more people and their taste in fashion.

I'd like to see this color paired with a Minnie Mouse design.

This shirt is one of many examples of the return to truly great Disney theme park merchandise. While I do have reservations about how thin the material is, I can't help being won over by its simplicity and use of a great design. Expect a couple more posts about new Disney t-shirts as there are quite a few winners currently on the market at WDW.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Super post(s) on shirts! I'm always haunting eBay for vintage Disneyland shirts, hard to find in XL and decent shape. I wonder if Disneyland has any 70's/80's retro T's?

Disneyana World said...

Thanks, VDT!

I have a hard time finding vintage DL t-shirts. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but WDW is typically what I find.

I bought a vintage DL shirt not too long ago, but it doesn't fit. Shame, considering I'll be making my first trip out there next month!

Alicia said...

I got one of the new shirts (color yellow and white) when we visited Disney last year... I like the texture so much soft and super cool to wear. I believe shirts are just some of the most salable souvenir items in Disney World and I am a collector actually of such items.

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