01 September 2010

Electric and Mustard

The sweatshirt extravaganza continues! This mustard yellow sweatshirt is from the 1970s and features the brilliant original WDW logo in a simple and eye-catching fashion.

This is another design I'd like to see be brought back. With the success--in my opinion-- of the "new retro WDW" (link) shirt, Disney could have another great seller on its hands. I really like the contrast between the two colors and the way the logo jumps out at you.

The tag reads small and I believe it's a children's small. Two reasons why: there is no way I can fit into it and I've only seen pictures of kids wearing this sweater. I know there is a photo somewhere in my collection of a girl at Fort Wilderness wearing one.

WDW shirts from the 1970s are definitely hard to find and this particular one is the most common one I see on eBay. However, if you own a different shirt from that time period, please e-mail me with pictures and I will gladly post them.


DisneyPixarFanatic said...

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Tony said...

I had one of these sweatshirts (from a 1971 visit to WDW)! Had forgotten all about it until I saw it here.

Dianne said...

I have been collecting Disney t-shirts since I was 7. I can remember having a sweater and T-shirt with that same logo. I tried to find a list of the Disney logo through a search engine optimization (Orange County-based) system and I was successful enough to locate it. I would be glad to share you the photos of my t-shirt and I'll volunteer to look for other photos through SEO Orange County system.

Alicia said...

I have been collecting Disney characters collectibles since I was a kid and until now that I have kids. I think Disney is really so magical touching our lives even as we grow old and have children. I am so grateful for Disney because without it my childhood would not be exciting.

Peter said...

I've got a picture for your blog. a River Country t-shirt from around '74/75 (first year River Country opened). I looked for a way to email you a JPEG but I had no luck. If you are interested email me back with instructions on how to get it to you.
peter c

Disneyana World said...

it should work. people send me pictures all the time.

an attachment should work.

Anonymous said...

I want that sweater!!!


travel munkee said...

I just found an XL of this sweatshirt at an estate sale. Has a couple of small holes on the back but otherwise awesome and the tag is in much better condition than the one in your picture. Can't find any on eBay. Any idea what it might be worth?